Structure and properties of economic information

Structuring of information is connected with the necessity of its storage, processing or transfer. The structure of economic information determines its structure, the allocation of certain elements. These elements are called information units. They can be simple or complex. Simple elements do not lend themselves to further division. Of these formed a complex, shaped by different levels of the structural building information. Continue reading

Economic information and means of its formalized description

The most important characteristics of information are accuracy, reliability, completeness, relevance, efficiency.

The accuracy of information is determined by the permissible level of its distortion in relation to the task. The reliability of information is determined by its property to reflect the real objects with the necessary accuracy. The efficiency of information characterizes its relevance in a changing situation. Continue reading

What is E-commerce

The rapid technological development in the field of electronics and Cybernetics has become a prerequisite for the intensive growth of information processes in all spheres of the economy. The formation of the information society has led to the release of information and communication technologies to a new level, which allows to solve complex economic problems for individual commercial structures and on a national scale. At the same time, a significant part of the business economy becomes electronic and moves to the global environment of the Internet. Continue reading

Scientists have developed an Internet lie detector

Whether a person is lying or not can be determined with an accuracy of 85-100%.

Experts from Florida under the guidance of Professor Ho Shuyan created the world’s first virtual lie detector. The developers assure, to expose the lies during a conversation, he will be able with a probability of 85-100%, according to Wired. And the device will track the lie analyzing the manner of a person to conduct a conversation, informs US.Media. Continue reading

Professions of the future that can be mastered now – part 2

Medical worker

You may ask, what’s new here? The profession of a doctor is one of the oldest. But the methods and tools with which these experts will soon work – exactly from the future. Today there are specialists who grow artificial organs, tissues and bones. This will allow to refuse transplantation of foreign organs to patients or placement of prostheses. Continue reading

Professions of the future that can be mastered now – part 1

Professions of the future that can be mastered now
What kinds of activities need to be mastered today to remain in demand in the future.

Elon Musk plans to conquer Mars. The UK is investing millions in robotics. Scientists around the world are beginning to print human organs. And most people in the world still learn the profession of accountants, lawyers, economists, sellers, drivers.. Continue reading

What services are provided by the Internet

1. E-mail (E-mail) is a simple and cheap solution to the problems of maintaining constant contact between people. E-mail allows you to create a text message on your computer and send it via the network to another user. You can also send any information by e-mail: video and audio files, photos, spreadsheets in a certain format, graphic files, programs, etc. The disadvantage of both traditional (paper) mail and E-mail is that the sender never knows when his Respondent will read the message. Continue reading

Essence, content, significance and trends of e-Commerce development

Essence and content of e-Commerce. The world’s largest Association of local networks to ensure the rapid exchange of information is a global computer network Internet. It was the speed of work that led to the beginning of its use in business processes and the emergence of a new direction in the development of information technologies – electronic business. Continue reading