Instagram accounts for sale – about it, benefits, and prices rates

In this present era of digitalization, it is quite easy to buy a social media account these days from various online websites. Above all, there are many Instagram accounts for sale which you can purchase via most trusted sites. They filter various accounts in order to ensure their customers that, they are getting the real following list on such accounts which can further help you to connect with lot more followers. If you are unaware about this amazing option for Instagram then this article is all set for you and will inform you all about- Instagram accounts that are for sale.

It is a very beneficial option for all the new business organization who are about to start their business or wish to promote their products and services via Instagram account. Some of the really great advantages of such account are mentioned below in this article for you who can motivate many businesses to buy such accounts-


You will have a number of followers in your new account without even putting any extra efforts for it. Yes, this is absolutely true because such accounts are already well-established accounts and are maintained by some of the other people who have sold it to the providers. Now those providers are further selling it to you with the same following list.

The chances and the sales of your products increase because you already have a customer base. The people who are following your account are the already interested customers of your product type. Thus chances are more that they will buy your product much more after seeing any post related to that product on your account, then the people who are not following you.

Some other benefits are-

  • it provides greater authority because the age of the page is greater means it is a much older page
  • it offers a higher engagement rate when compared to the new pages
  • it creates trust flow for the new audiences that will check out your page
  • it will furthermore help in boosting up your brand’s image in lesser time

These were some of the benefits of such purchased Instagram accounts.

Price rates

If you think that buying such an account will cost you much then this is absolutely wrong my dear friend. You can easily select the account according to your choice and put an offer on the selected account. The rate offered by the provider also depends on how many followers you are willing to have in your interested account. On the other hand, it also depends on the engagement on the account. However, the engagement on the account may differ, as more the engaging content, more followers will be added.

You can also negotiate with the provider in terms of discounting the rates as well. But the best part is that the investment that you are making in such an account will be worth after seeing the profit your business is getting.

Instagram accounts for sale are a really great offer for all the new business companies and will surely add more sales in your business if used wisely.

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