Professions of the future that can be mastered now – part 2

Medical worker

You may ask, what’s new here? The profession of a doctor is one of the oldest. But the methods and tools with which these experts will soon work – exactly from the future. Today there are specialists who grow artificial organs, tissues and bones. This will allow to refuse transplantation of foreign organs to patients or placement of prostheses.

Artificial microscopic helpers – nanorobots-will come to the rescue. They will be introduced to find and eliminate complex diseases. Such work will be able to “remove” bad habits, negative qualities, or Vice versa “grow” some skills or knowledge. For example, write to the human brain a foreign language, which she can use as a native in a few minutes.

medical workersScientists believe that over time, the brain can be filled or cleaned of unnecessary information, like a hard drive in a computer. And neurontintake, connecting people with the computer, it will fit into our lives within five years. We will be able to “record” memories, plans and opinions, as well as spread them on social networks by the power of thought. Bioengineering will make a breakthrough by the mid-2020s. Plastic surgeons of the future will be in demand, who with the help of new technologies will be able to “sculpt” exactly the appearance that the client wants.

Space workers

If yesterday we watched Marvel movies as fiction, by 2030 these scenarios will become a reality. Scientists predict that in a few decades space tourism will become as commonplace as the flight to the Maldives. Life on other planets as soon cease to be a fantasy. The Dutch organization Mars One plans to colonize Mars by 2023.

The team of specialists has been working on the project for several years. More than 200 thousand people from all over the world voluntarily wanted to get a one-way ticket and stay on the red planet. In connection with space exploration, in the coming years there will be a number of space professions, the existence of which is difficult to believe.

Where it is taught

If you dream to create spaceships, rockets and flying machines of the future, feel free to do on specialized faculties MSTU them. Bauman’s. Students are provided with practice at various enterprises. The training process involves the astronauts, leading engineers, rocket scientists and academics. Here is the first high requirements on the knowledge of physics and mathematics. And at the end of training you will receive a diploma “design engineer”.

The designer or architect of virtual reality

The name of these professions for many years used by science fiction Directors and creators of video toys. With the advent of the Internet and social networks every day more and more people are immersed in a non-existent world of opportunities and emotions. Soon there will be virtual offices, museums, municipal institutions and much more.

Staying a large amount of time in a non-existent virtual reality will have a bad impact on mental health, so there will be specialists who will be able to provide professional psychological assistance in a timely manner. At the same time, experts predict a significant growth in the market of VR devices (virtual reality). After all, in the next 7-8 years it should exceed the mark of 45 billion dollars. The popularity of specialists who will be able to improve such devices in the coming years will steadily grow.

Where it is taught

Today, more than 100 educational institutions around the world offer to study this profession. It makes no sense to list them. These schools gives any search engine. If you do not want to spend time on full-time long-term training, then you have found your ideal profession. Diploma of virtual reality architect you can get in just four months, studying online.

Developers of robotics and new modes of transport

Works so tightly and quickly began to enter our daily lives that they began to force out of it… men’s. Yes, people! In total, there are 366 professions. Most of them will be gone in 20 years. What profession is more mechanical and the action is repeated around the circle, the faster it will be eliminated. For example, in China there are already factories, fully robotic. And so, in one fell swoop, 750 people lost their jobs in just a couple of hours.

In the near future, robots will replace sellers, drivers and even journalists. Therefore, now those who create these robots will be in demand. Underwater tunnels, flying cars, non-standard types of fuel – this is a reality, which also needs its own specialists. To master these professions will have to understand automated systems, programming, not to mention the fundamental knowledge in the field of physics, mechanics and electronics.

Where it is taught

Munich University Technical University of Munich offers a master’s program in Robotics, knowledge, intelligence. Training is based on the principle that the development of robotic technology, first of all, takes into account the participation of the machine in human life. For joining you must have a good command of the German language and to provide a DSH certificate. The training course is 4.5 months.

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