What is E-commerce

The rapid technological development in the field of electronics and Cybernetics has become a prerequisite for the intensive growth of information processes in all spheres of the economy. The formation of the information society has led to the release of information and communication technologies to a new level, which allows to solve complex economic problems for individual commercial structures and on a national scale. At the same time, a significant part of the business economy becomes electronic and moves to the global environment of the Internet.

One of the means of implementation and support of Informatization processes in the economic environment is e-Commerce, which allows to carry out commercial operations as efficiently as possible, to respond quickly to changes in the market of goods and services, to expand the spheres of influence of commercial entities and to strengthen their competitive advantages.

Therefore, the formation of knowledge and skills in e-Commerce today is an important task of training future highly qualified specialists.

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The educational discipline “E-Commerce” is taught at the Department of commercial activity and entrepreneurship of Lviv commercial Academy for students of trade and economic profile of educational qualification levels “bachelor”, “specialist”, “master”. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the theoretical foundations of e-Commerce, the formation of practical skills of the organization of commercial activity of modern business entities in the global information environment.

In the process of working on the manual, the author took into account the recommendations of educational and professional programs of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, scientific research of Ukrainian and foreign experts, practical materials on the organization of activities of domestic and foreign commercial structures on the Internet, the author’s own developments on e-Commerce.

The manual reveals the theoretical and applied aspects of the formation and functioning of e-Commerce in modern conditions with respect to the nature and characteristics of the organization of the activities of specific subjects of e-business, including e-shops, auctions, trading platforms, payment systems, analyzed the specifics of the provision of various types of services, marketing support and pricing policy in e-Commerce, the main means of security in the Internet are considered and the state of organizational and economic support and research of e-Commerce efficiency is characterized.

The manual contains a task for practical work with access to the Internet on-line, tests for current and boundary control of students ‘ knowledge, Glossary, materials on legal support of e-Commerce in the domestic and global information space, sources of Internet resources from many fields of activity.

The manual is designed for students, masters, postgraduates and practitioners in the field of commodity circulation.

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